• Indoor Storage for Summer and Winter
  • 25,000 sq. ft. of indoor storage
  • Winterization & Summerization
  • Boat Shrink Wrap
  • Secure - 7 acre fenced-in property
  • 3 acres of paved outdoor storage 

For more ways to safeguard your personal property, see our storage tips.

​St. Helen Toy Storage

1940 St. Helen Rd, St. Helen, Michigan 48656


Location :

 St. Helen Michigan    EXIT 222  I-75 north 

Second indoor storage building

Conveniently located in the center of town near the stop light just five minutes north off I-75 exit 222. It provides easy access to ATV and snowmobile trails.

1940 St. Helen Rd, St. Helen, Michigan 48656

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Phone:  989/390-6861

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You work hard so you can enjoy the beautiful Michigan outdoors. You invest in boats and/or vehicles to explore local trails and waterways. 

We understand you want to protect the toys that allow you to experience the four season fun. Our facilities are clean and secure so you can store your snowmobiles, pontoon boats, RV, sailboats and ATVs when the seasons change.

If you are familiar with St. Helen, Michigan, you may remember Erb Lumber, located centrally in the town of St. Helen. In 2014, we purchased the building and property and re-purposed the site for reuse as a secure self storage facility.

Front entrance facing N. St. Helen Rd

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